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Ringing Your Chick

Posted on June 18, 2014 at 10:40 PM

1. Ring at about 7/10 days. Take chick in one hand with its back in you palm.

2. Take foot between finger and thumb and hold as near to the ankle as possible. Ease the three ''forward'' toes together, with the back toe resting back up alongside the leg itself.

Note: Some breeders use a little ''Vaseline'' on the three forward toes if necessary to help keep them together, and on the ball of the foot to assist the closed ring to slide over it.

3. Pass the ring over the three forward toes and slide it right up over the ball of the foot rotating gently if necessary to ease it over the ankle .

5. Move ring up the leg until the back toe is clear, or is able to be eased clear. Ringing of that chick is now complete.

6. Check the following day to make sure the ring is still in place..


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