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HISTORY: In 1988 Mr Gordon Lomas, Cessnock NSW, bred a creamish hen, which was viewed by some as a light Fawn. In 1989 Mr Bruce Whiting obtained this hen and subsequently reproduced the Beige. At the same time Mr Gilbert Bunn & Mr Paul Clarke had, independently, produced Beiges from mating's with Slate & Fawn. In 1995 the Federation of Zebra Finch Societies Australia accepted the Beige standard.

It is possible the Beige appeared earlier but were dismissed as being light Fawns.



  • Beige x Beige = Beige cocks and hens
  • Beige x Fawn = Fawn/beige cocks and hens
  • Beige x Fawn/beige = Beige & Fawn/beige cocks and hens
  • Fawn x Fawn/beige = Fawn & Fawn/beige cocks and hens *
  • Fawn/beige x Fawn/beige = Fawn, Beige & Fawn/beige cocks and hens *


Reverse matings of the above will give the same results

* This mating is not recommended as it is visually impossible to detect which Fawns are pure.

NB. Matings with Grey &/or Slate will produce Grey, Slate, Fawn &/or Beige.




  • Body colour too light
  • Markings too dark
  • Minimal wing ‘mealing’ (cocks and hens)



  • Body colour too light


GENERAL: Beige is the result of combining the sex-linked Fawn and the 'recessive dilute' factor; hence when Beige are mated to Grey and Slate, Fawns are often produced. Unfortunately few Beiges are produced; being similar to light Fawns/dark Dark Creams most are unable to detect the subtle differences. Beige, having come through Fawns, often carry very good type.



  • Eyes  -  Dark
  • Beak  -  Red
  • Feet & Legs  -  Orange
  • Head, neck & wings  -  Beige
  • Underparts  -  White to buff near vent
  • Tear Drop  -  Light brown
  • Face Area  -  White
  • Breast Bar  -  Light brown
  • Cheek Lobes  -  Orange-brown
  • Throat & Upper Breast  -  Beige, with light brown lines
  • Side Flanks  -  Reddish-brown, with white spots
  • Tail Coverts  -  Light brown, with white bars
  • Tail  -  2 shade lighter than coverts
  • Rump  -  White 


  • As for cock, except all cock markings replaced by beige.
  • Beak  -  Reddish-orange
  • Rump  -  Off-white