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Black Bodied

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HISTORY: Was first developed by Mr Eric Baxter of SA, while breeding the Black-Faced mutation. In 1988 the South East Queensland Zebra Finch Society proposed a standard, which was accepted.


  • Black-Bodied x Black-Bodied = Grey & Black-Bodied cocks and hens
  • Black-Bodied x Grey = Grey & Black-Bodied cocks and hens *


The reverse mating will give the same results.

 It is said that 'double factor' and 'single factor' birds are produced. To date evidence produced suggests that all Black-Bodied are 'single factor'; 'double factor' birds do not develop pass the embryo stage.




  • Side Flank spots
  • Breast Bar not extending to beak or vent



  • Faint breast barring
  • Body colour on underparts not extending to vent
  • Face Area not body colour




GENERAL: Black-Bodied are a variation of Black-Face; 'true' Black-Bodied birds are rare. Black-Bodied matings will improve the intensity of black colour on cock birds but may also decrease size. The selection of the correct coloured hen is very important.


SHOW STANDARD: (refer to drawing)


  • Eyes  -  Dark
  • Beak  -  Red
  • Feet & Legs  -  Orange
  • To conform to appropriate colour. Face Area appropriate Tear Drop colour, devoid of white.
  • Side Flanks of darker shade, devoid of white spots.
  • Throat, upper breast, breast bar and underparts appropriate breast bar colour.
  • Tail bars and rump area reduced in size.



  • As for cock, except all cock markings replaced by body colour.
  • Face Area body colour.
  • Underparts body colour extending to vent.
  • Beak  -  Reddish-orange
  • Rump  -  Off-white