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Black Front

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HISTORY: Early 1960 Mr Bruce Read of Camaray, Sydney, was looking for some good type wild Grey cock birds to use with his own hens. He obtained 2 Grey cocks from an area near Charters Towers in Queensland. Amongst the first young was a hen with no tail coverts and slightly black face. When mated back to her wild type father they produced both cocks and hens which were Black Fronts. Through theft and neglect the mutation nearly died out. Luckily some splits which had been given away produced 3 Black Fronts, 2 of which went to a dealer and 1 ended up back with Mr Bruce Read. The variety now established came from this single hen.



  • Black Front x Black Front = Black Front cocks and hens
  • Black Front x Grey = Grey/black front cocks and hens *
  • Grey/black front x Black Front = Black Front & Grey/black front cocks and hens *
  • Grey/black front x Grey = Grey & Grey/black front cocks and hens **
  • Grey/black front x Grey/black front = Grey, Black Front & Grey/black front cocks and hens **


* The reverse matings will give the same results.

** This mating is not recommended as it is visually impossible to detect which Greys are pure.



  • Not 50% Tear Drop colour between beak & tear drop.
  • Showing zebra lines  


  • Zebra lines on breast




GENERAL: Black Fronts have become increasing popular over recent years and hence their quality has improved. They are still regarded as a weak mutation and it is recommended to mate Black Fronts to splits to maintain vitality/strength. The hardest feature to maintain is the 'triangular' face markings.


 SHOW STANDARD: (refer to drawing)


  • Eyes  -  Dark
  • Beak  -  Red
  • Feet & Legs  -  Orange
  • To conform to appropriate colour. 50% Tear Drop (bottom of eye) extending to beak, lores to be body colour. Remainder of Face Area white. Breast Bar extending to beak. Tail coverts devoid of white bars. All other markings of appropriate colour.



  • As for cock, except all cock markings replaced by grey.
  • Beak  -  Reddish-orange
  • Rump  -  Off-white