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Marked White

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HISTORY: In 1948 Mr Levitt Hunt of Pymble in Sydney bred 3 pure white hens with black tear drops and almost black tail marks. Through selective line breeding he soon produced cock birds; pure white with the markings of the normal Grey. In 1950 Mr Levitt Hunt obtained 3 hens (CFW) from Mr Whitehouse, but when he received the birds he noticed they were not pure white; unlike his own. He commenced breeding and achieved, as he described, disastrous results. All the young produced had off white bodies and lighter markings than his own birds. 



  • Marked White x Marked White = Marked White cocks and hens
  • Marked White x Grey = Grey/marked white cocks and Marked White hens
  • Grey x Marked White = Grey/marked white cocks and Grey hens
  • Grey/marked white x Marked White = Marked White & Grey/marked white cocks and Grey & Marked White hens
  • Grey/marked white x Grey = Grey & Grey/marked white cocks and Grey & Marked White hens * 

* This mating is not recommended as it is visually impossible to detect which Greys are pure.




  • Body colour not white
  • Dirty colour on head
  • Diluted markings



  • Body colour not white
  • Dirty colour on head
  • Pale tail coverts


AVAILABILITY: Common; although 'true' Marked Whites (as per standard) do not exist today.


GENERAL: Recent breeding experiments seem to indicate that todays Marked White is a darker version of the Chestnut Flanked White. Through selective breeding breeders are attempting to produce the 'true' Marked White; the biggest problem is as the markings darken the 'white body' discolours to a creamish/sooty grey.





  • Eyes  -  Dark
  • Beak  -  Red
  • Feet & Legs  -  Orange
  • Head, neck & wings  -  White
  • Underparts  -  White
  • Tear Drop  -  Black
  • Face Area  -  White
  • Breast Bar  -  Black
  • Cheek Lobes  -  Orange-brown
  • Throat & Upper Breast  -  Grey, with black lines
  • Side Flanks  -  Reddish-brown, with white spots
  • Tail Coverts  -  Black, with white bars
  • Tail  -  2 shade lighter than coverts
  • Rump  -  White


  • As for cock, except all cock markings replaced by white.
  • Beak  -  Reddish-orange