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HISTORY:      During the 1950s Mr Cyril Harris of Parkes, NSW produced a very light silvery coloured hen from his collection of dilutes. He soon produced a strain of Silver birds.



  • Silver x Silver = Grey & Silver cocks and hens
  • Silver x Grey = Grey & Silver cocks and hens *


* The reverse matings will give the same results.


*It is said that 'double factor' and 'single factor' birds are produced. To date evidence produced suggests that all Dilute Blues are 'single factor'; 'double factor' birds do not develop pass the embryo stage.




  • Body colour blotchy, wings faded    
  • Markings too dark
  • Cheek Lobes not white


  • Body colour blotchy, wings faded




GENERAL:     Silver is the result of combining the 'dominant dilute' factor with Grey. Most Silvers are only pale Dilute Blues; hence a wide range of colours are produced. Through selective breeding birds close to the standard are produced. The most difficult feature to obtain is the white cheek lobes.





  • Eyes  -  Dark
  • Beak  -  Red
  • Feet & Legs  -  Orange
  • Head, neck & wings  -  Light silvery grey
  • Under parts  -  White to buff near vent
  • Tear Drop  -  Silver grey
  • Face Area  -  White
  • Throat & Upper Breast  -  Light silvery grey, with silver grey lines
  • Breast Bar  -  Silver grey
  • Cheek Lobes  -  White
  • Side Flanks  -  Light pinkish-fawn, with white spots
  • Tail Coverts  -  Silver grey, with white bars
  • Tail  -   2 shade lighter than coverts
  • Rump  -  White 


  • As for cock, except all cock markings replaced by light silvery grey.
  • Beak  -  Reddish-orange
  • Rump  -  Off-white