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Yellow Bill

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HISTORY:   It is not known by whom or when the first Yellow Billed was bred. It has been suggested that the first bird appeared in the wild or that selective breeding for the paler bill was responsible for its occurrence.


  •  Yellow Bill x Yellow Bill = Yellow Bill cocks and hens
  •  Yellow Bill x Grey = Grey/YB cocks and hens *
  •  Grey/Yellow Bill x Yellow Bill =Yellow Bill & Grey/Yellow Bill  cocks and hens *
  •  Grey/Yellow Bill x Grey = Grey & Grey/Yellow Bill cocks and hens **
  •  Grey/Yellow Bill x Grey/Yellow Bill = Grey, Yellow Bill  & Grey/Yellow Bill cocks and hens **

 *  The reverse matings will give the same results.

** This mating is not recommended as it is visually impossible to detect which Greys are pure.




  • Beak colour showing orange tint       


  • Beak colour showing orange tint




GENERAL:   Yellow Bill can be had in all colour forms; however White Yellow Bills can be difficult to sex. Some hens in poor condition may appear to be Yellow Bills.




  • Eyes  -  Dark                                          
  • Beak  -  Yellow
  • Feet & Legs  -  Yellow                          
  • To confirm to appropriate colour variety.


  • As for cock.